What was your original face?

What was your original face?

Der Unauffindbare Einsiedler and other hard-to-get books.

Chinese literaturePosted by Vidar Sat, April 14, 2007 12:14:40
There are some books borrowed from libraries and friends, that you find you would like a copy of later on. I've got 3 or 4 such titles. One was Paul Demieville's L'oeuvre de Wang le zêlateur that I found in a french online bookstore a couple of years ago. (They still have copies for those interested.)

For several years I've tried to locate a copy of Goatkoei Lang-Tans thesis Der unaffindbare Einsiedler from 1985. Even wrote him at one time, didn't recieve an answer though. But today in our mailbox it finally arrived through Amazon.de and the original publisher Haag + Herchen.

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The title translates into The hard to find recluse or The not at home hermit if you like. The Looking for a recluse but failing to find him-theme is well known in chinese poetry, and the author writes about its use in T'ang dynasty poetry. It's a typically academic book, about half is footnotes.

Not sure if I'll read it again, probably should since it's about 20 years ago, its thinner than I remembered so we'll see, but its good to have!

I'm still looking for A.R. Davis' 2 volumes Tao-Yüan-ming (AD 365-427) : his works and their meaning (1983). There are copies available, but the prices are a bit beyond me? Hm?

Hm indeed. Found one described as "the first edition, not a funny reprint, in excellent condition, never used, perfect set" for 84 £. What the heck. Ordered from Plurabelle books via Bookfinder.com.

Update. From Plurabelle books 13 april: "Many apologies, This set is no longer available. "


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